Thriving Children and Families are at the Heart of a Strong Colorado

We envision a Colorado where all children with social, emotional and developmental needs are identified by age 5 to ensure they get help when it matters most. Yet less than half of Colorado children receive developmental screenings, which means some miss out on needed support and risk falling behind from the start.

ABCD and Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment are working to support Brinda at Stepping Stones Day School to implement developmental screening. Together we will educate and empower Brinda, her staff, and the families she serves to increase their knowledge about children's development and learning.

Brinda's passion for helping children is rooted into her practice. She loves children and their excitement about learning something new: "They have an energy, and spirit about them; it is a freedom to explore, accept, and give." Brinda follows her father's words to ensure children are getting the best support: "It's not always important to know the answer, but how to find the answer." ABCD and Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment are here to assure families find these answers.


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