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Together, We’re Making a Smart Investment in Colorado’s Future.

Funding early childhood identification and intervention services to promote healthy development is one of the best investments a donor can make. For every dollar invested, communities see a $4 to $9 reduction in societal costs, according to the National Forum on Early Childhood Policy and Programs.

At ABCD, we’re committed to stewarding your donations responsibly and providing transparent accounting of how your dollars are spent. ABCD is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC), which provides expert accounting, finance, human resources and compliance support to ensure its projects meet the highest standards in financial and organizational management. In 2018, CNDC was awarded the Silver seal for transparency by GuideStar. All projects are direct corporate activities of the CNDC, and the CNDC is responsible for all transactions on behalf of projects.


Learn more about the impact you’re having on Colorado children through our impact stories and 2018 annual report. We also invite you to review our most recent financial statements, which are included as part of the CNDC's 2022 audited financial statements. (ABCD's information can be found on the schedules provided on pp. 16 and 25.)

Join Us

You can bring the lifelong benefits of early identification to all Colorado children.
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