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We’re Opening More Pathways for Early Identification and Intervention.
Early Pathways Bring Lifelong Benefits

No matter where they live in our state, children need high-quality support for healthy development. When developmental needs are identified in the first five years of life—when it matters most—children can grow to become strong members of our communities and workforce.


Yet today, less than half of Colorado children receive developmental screenings to identify potential social, emotional or behavioral challenges or developmental delays*.


Without the necessary supports, these children and their families may encounter serious challenges that affect all areas of their lives. Parents may experience depression, anxiety and financial hardship. Children may struggle academically and socially and face higher rates of suicide, homelessness, delinquency and teen pregnancy.

*Source: 2016 National Survey of Children's Health.

About ABCD

ABCD was established in Colorado in 2006 to help address this need. We’re a statewide nonprofit focused on improving the lives of Colorado children through early identification of developmental needs.

We’re also the state program lead for HealthySteps, which is the only program of its kind that places a child development specialist within a pediatric primary care team. In partnership with ZERO TO THREE, we're helping to expand and implement this program across our state to improve early childhood outcomes.

By working collaboratively with the primary care, early childhood and community agencies who serve children and families, we’re opening pathways for early identification and support and giving all Colorado children an equal opportunity to thrive.


To learn more about ABCD’s history and future direction, click here.


All Colorado children have access to services that promote healthy development.


ABCD partners with and builds connections across healthcare, community agencies, and early childhood systems to expand best practices.



ABCD's Diversity & Inclusion Declaration:

Assuring Better Child Health and Development stands by our vision that all Colorado’s children reach their maximum developmental potential. We celebrate and encourage differences in race, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, gender identity, and perspective. We believe in serving as visible allies who put these values into practice.  Therefore, we are intentionally growing our understanding and tangible support of the historically disenfranchised, underrepresented, and underserved.

Join Us

You can bring the lifelong benefits of early identification to all Colorado children.
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