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HealthySteps Supports the Entire Family

ABCD is the Colorado state intermediary for HealthySteps. As HealthySteps expands ABCD is focusing on all families being supported to help parents grow in competence and confidence through their child’s development. The Special Care Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado provides primary care and consultation services like HealthSteps to support families.

Dr. Serrano is a HealthySteps Specialist in the Special Care Clinic at the Children’s Hospital Colorado. She is a licensed Psychologist with a specialty in integrated primary care, pediatric populations, complex medical needs, and early childhood. Her clinical and research interests include increasing access to quality behavioral health services, particularly among underserved populations and the well-being and adjustment of medically complex children and their families.

As a HealthySteps Specialist, Dr. Serrano provides support in the areas of development, behavior and emotions, child and family mental health, caregiver-child relationship, adjustment process, and parenting. Working in the Special Care Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado as a HealthySteps Specialist, she regularly collaborates with primary care physicians about the medical conditions, prognosis, and treatment to inform her work with the family.

Children in the Special Care Clinic are often already connected with early intervention and private therapies through the NICU and the hospital upon discharge; however, the importance of screening does not stop there. Dr. Serrano believes that the power of screening and referrals goes beyond the initial referral and to continue monitoring over time.

Updating families through screening their child throughout their development eases their worries and gives them a better understanding of their child’s needs and progression.

ABCD and HealthySteps Specialists collaborate and work together to provide guidance and support for families. A family Dr. Serrano supports reflects how HealthySteps goes beyond the child and also supports the family as a whole: “[HealthySteps] is a great check-in point and resource. I like that you check in with me and my relationship with [my daughter] and provide resources like a therapist for myself.”

Through her constant support and dedication to help families, Dr. Serrano has felt the impact of the work ABCD has done first hand: “Families have expressed great appreciation for the support and guidance provided as part of HealthySteps, especially because it comes from someone who understands their child’s medical history and needs.”


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