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ABCD Supports HULA on their 8th Screening Day

In September, HULA held their 8th successful Screening Day. ABCD has been helping with HULA’s Screening Day since 2015 to help facilitate trusting relationships with partners. ABCD is a valued partner, known for honoring the unique strengths and needs of local communities while offering expert guidance and lessons learned from ABCD’s experience supporting communities across the state.

This year HULA’s Fall Screening Day saw great success with an increase in the number of children being screened as well as children coming back for a repeat screening to see their progression.

Additionally, HULA reached out to ABCD to support expanded mental health and family support services in their community. HULA and ABCD work together to align partners, chart a collaborative path to creating these mental health opportunities, and evaluate progress in the community. Together, HULA council partners strive to support all areas of children’s health in their community. Jennifer Sanchez McDonald, the Coordinator of HULA, believes that, “comprehensive health is what makes our communities healthy.”

Since ABCD’s involvement, Jennifer states that she has seen a huge shift in her community and is seeing more conversations with preschools and families about mental health, screenings, and referrals more than ever before.


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