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ABCD Empowers Frontline Care

ABCD is assisting primary care providers to improve the quality of their screening, referral and follow-up processes. A child’s entire life course can be changed for the better, if developmental needs are identified before age 5. With quality referral and follow-up, children are more likely to receive full evaluations and be connected to needed supports. ABCD has been working closely with the Family Clinic of Fort Collins so they could implement developmental screening and referral processes in their practice.

Over the past few months, ABCD has lead three quality improvement sessions for the Family Clinic of Fort Collins. Their team is committed to making sure all families experience a smooth screening process, so they joined together to make small improvements in workflow and efficiency. The Family Clinic of Fort Collins is now equipped with strong connections to referral partners, and a tracking process to ensure timely follow-up.

Dr. Matthew Duran with Family Clinic of Fort Collins states the quality improvement sessions with ABCD have benefited their practice in many ways: “It has formalized our screening, broadens the scope of our screenings, and added accountability for our results. With ABCD’s help, we have lots of education and resources available for families.” Through connecting and supporting primary care ABCD is helping to remove barriers and open pathways to make it easier for children and families to access the help they need. ABCD is empowering frontline primary care to make it easier for families to find answers and help when it matters most.


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