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Community Systems-Building

We’re Bringing the Lifelong Benefits of Early Identification to All Colorado Children.


In communities across Colorado, families wonder if their children need help to reach their full development potential. But as they seek answers and support, they’re often lost in the gaps between the many agencies who play a role in their journey.


Through our community systems-building work, ABCD helps strengthen community partnerships to make a family’s journey toward accessing early identification and intervention services easier.  We do this in collaboration with local agencies using a proven process that helps them identify barriers and gaps in services.

Collaborative Approach


As part of this process, ABCD co-facilitates working groups that include all key agencies serving local children and families. They then collaborate to:

  • Identify shared goals for improving screening, referrals and follow-up

  • Define their individual roles and shared accountabilities

  • Remove barriers, address gaps and streamline services to eliminate duplicated efforts

Throughout the process, ABCD partners with communities and serves as an expert resource, helping agencies to adapt best practices and improve quality.

ABCD's Quality Standards provide a common set of definitions for each stage in a family's journey from noticing a developmental concern to accessing supportive services. Take a look at our newly revised Quality Standards.

To learn more about starting a community systems-building initiative, please contact our team.

Early Childhood Screening & Referral Database

To help communities coordinate their early childhood identification and intervention services, we now offer online access to our Early Childhood Screening & Referral Database for a fee.

The database features information gathered over a 10-year period to track developmental screening and referral behavior in Colorado. The database includes entries for:

  • Early childhood primary care practices in Colorado

  • Other agencies that have received services from ABCD, including:

    • Early learning centers

    • School districts

    • Public health agencies

    • Home visitation programs


Each database entry includes general contact information, individual contacts if available, screening and referral behavior and a description of any support ABCD has provided to that practice or agency. 


To learn more about the Early Childhood Screening & Referral Database, please contact
our team.

Join Us

You can bring the lifelong benefits of early identification to all Colorado children.
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