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Early Identification and Support Make a Difference, Colorado Mom Says

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Although some parents worry their kids will be labeled if they receive early intervention services to address developmental needs, a Colorado mom urges parents to put aside their fears. “There is no downside!” she says.

Jessica speaks from experience.

At 12 months, her son was frustrated by his inability to talk. After being evaluated and qualified for speech therapy, his communication skills grew. Now, at almost 6 years old, he is an advanced talker with an above-average vocabulary on his way to kindergarten.

Jessica’s daughter has benefited from early intervention as well. She’s receiving physical therapy to help with walking and is making great strides!

Jessica knows her family is fortunate. Their pediatrician knew how to screen and refer for developmental needs and made the process easy.

“If your children are evaluated and qualified for services, take advantage of the resources,” she says. As her children prove, early intervention can make a big difference in a child’s life.



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