Big Smiles for HealthySteps Families

HealthySteps Specialist Alli Howe recently developed a new curriculum for the City of Fort Morgan’s popular Miles of Smiles program. The goal was to give young children fun, interactive learning experiences around math, nutrition, gross motor and listening skills.

This year, HealthySteps families could enroll in Miles of Smiles for free, thanks to a donation from the City of Fort Morgan. Participating families sampled more than 15 different fruits and vegetables and played over a dozen different movement games.

“It’s incredibly fun to spend time with HealthySteps families outside of the clinic,” Alli says. “I love modeling for parents that they can use descriptive language and early math skills while they play with their children.”

Families reported that Miles of Smiles is the very first time their child has voluntarily crunched a green bean or tried cauliflower.

“I help caregivers reframe how they see nutrition and give them permission to play with their food and give their children opportunities to try ingredients with no pressure,” Alli says.

Alli’s involvement with Miles of Smiles also shows how she is modeling both relationship-building and connection to community resources for the families she serves.


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